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Published: Apr 2nd, 2020 11:28 AM

The COVID-19 virus is now a very real issue in our lives.

The health of you, your family, and our family here at the office, is of utmost priority.


Don’t let COVID-19 prevent you from keeping your computer and other technology in good working order, as in many ways we are now more dependent on it.

Hays Computer World can continue to efficiently attend to your tech needs, despite the restrictions and adherence to the care protocols that we should all be taking in response to the virus.

We are still working in our office between 9 am-5 pm and after-hours support- 5 pm-9 pm  

We have therefore developed the following approach to meet your needs, whilst adhering to high safety standards;

  1. We have now temporarily closed our home office to all clients.
  2. We have temporarily stopped Home Visits to client homes or visits to businesses*
  3. We are still doing emergency call outs providing there’s a fit with government health advice (see * below)
  4. All meetings will now be done by Skype or Google Chat or Facebook
  5. We have now opened our remote support functions up to all clients
  6. We have also extended the duration of our afterhours service to help.


Please contacts us if you have questions in relation to setting up Skype etc or a remote support system.

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